Help needed to ID some modern 9mm cartridges


I have been going through my stuff, sorting odds and ends and I found some loose unfired projectiles which were previously in loaded cartridges. I have pictures of the cartridges at the time that the bullets were removed, so I am hoping that the images can be used to identify the cartridges. These are all 9mm.

Number 1 is this cartridge stamped L7A1 HP:

Number 2 is this cartridge stamped AMT97:

Number 3 is this cartridge stamped FC (small hollow point, no post inside):

Number 4 is a long shot, not much info, just says ‘9mm’:

Thanks for help in advance!


Your L7A1 is made by Hirtenberger, Austria on contract for the UK. It’s marked with the UK’s ‘L’ designation system. I believe this was loaded to a slightly higher than normal pressure for use in SMG’s in the cold weather conditions of Bosnia.


Thanks, Jim!
I’ll update my labelling on that. All these cartridges were collected in South Africa between 1997 and 2002 if I recall correctly.


On page 168 & 169 of Will Reuter’s South African ammo book it shows the 9mm with the “9mm” headstamp at 12 o-clock being a typical ball load with a few variations; with ring crimp, with 3-stake crimp, no crimp, and also variations on small, medium and small/thick sized “mm”. No other historical info is given, other than that they exist.


Yep, I don’t have much hope to track down the exact manufacturer of that cartridge. I had two examples, both with the same headstamp. Looking at the bullets, they are identical. I cannot recall who I got them from, but I know they were loose, not in a box.


Your FC headstamped load is Federal Cartridge Co.'s 115gr JHP loading designated 9BPLE. This load was developed for the Illinois State Police and was adoped for service use around 1982. ISP was the first major law enforcement agency to adopt the 9x19mm caliber service pistol for duty use. Pistol adopted was the S&W Model 39.

In the past the 9BPLE used to be designated for “Law Enforcement” use only. Federal continues to make the 9BPLE ammo to this day and it is readily available to civilian shooters via Internet ammo sellers.


Thanks, Leon, that’s another definite ID.


Your AMT round is a local one for you;
Ammunition Technologies Services (Pty) Ltd, Midrand, South Africa


Thanks cartridgecorner, is there a contact detail for those guys?
I’m currently in London and can’t find anything on Google.


Odd Job,
Here is the address I have for AMT. I have heard that they may be out of business.

Ammutech, Nr Johannesburg, POB 50335, Wierda Park Centurion 0149, RSA

The 9MM hst was made by PMP.




Many thanks, Lew.
May I ask (for future reference) what features of the 9mm headstamp indicate it was made by PMP?


The L7A1 you have pictured is identical to the stuff I’ve used/collected; I’ll attempt to post a pic of the box later. The stuff I have has a projectile that is attracted to a magnet (steel jacket if memory serves) and is all 124gr FMJ. It is definitely loaded to a higher pressure and has correspondingly higher velocities when chronographed.


Thanks Mwinter

I am embarrassed to say I didn’t check these projectiles with a magnet, have only just done so on your advice.
Mine are also attracted by a magnet!


I know it was made by PMP cause I was told by the guy who had the box that he got it out of PMP and it was made for special ops use? Only ID I have. If you need more background on this drop me an email.