Help needed with 5.56x45

I have a number of rounds which i can not 100% place!

A. Headstamp WCC 04 is this a military round? bullet wt= 77.2gr length= 1.012" or 25.70mm blacken bullet

5.56 a_zpsbwziqoyj.jpg~original

B. Headstamp SPEER NT 223 REM. is this a military round, what does “NT” stand for, the bullet looks like its a Fangible wt= 42.7gr length= 0.748" or 19.00mm

5.56 b_zpsxzghda8v.jpg~original

C. I think the base of this case was all red at one time, the colour remains in the lettering would this have been a proof round?

5.56 c_zps2preb2sa.jpg~original

D. Is this a Proof or a Dummy? I cant find a reference for a lot 17.

5.56 d_zps3oscqk7k.jpg~original

E. it does not show well on the photo but has a bright blue P/a, bullet wt=62.5gr length= 0.814" or 20.69mm the bullet base mark is “T” was this a commercial round?

5.56 e_zpsomp4d3an.jpg~original

5.56 f_zpsw8lv5j9l.jpg~original

F. Made by DAG. I can not find a bullet with the same weight. Bullet wt=42.9gr all the ones I have found wt= 47gr length= 0.884" or 22.47mm

5.56 h_zpspq6ixy5t.jpg~original

G. Headstamp Nato mark IVI 91 Bullet base mark large “5”. wt=36.9gr Length=0.734 or 18.65mm the other bullet comes from a headstamp of IVI 03, this bullet has a small nipple on the base and a very small “5” at 12 o’clock. wt=35.2gr length= 0.751" or 19.06mm. who is the maker for the mark “5” both bullets are frangible.

5.56 j_zpsk1eue4wn.jpg~original

5.56 k_zpswo5swwe1.jpg~original

H. Any way of dating this round?

5.56 i_zpsyjhh7wo6.jpg~original

Thanks for your help in advance…paul.

Your C: Not a proof unless a “tinned” stannic-stained case, The Remington HPT of that era used nickel plated cases.

Remington ball rounds of that date give the appearance of a red base, but it is just primer annulus sealant, not effectively applied.

Hi Paul,

“A” is a Black Hills 77 Gr Match HP Moly Coated (bullet made by Sierra).
“B” ia a Speer 42 Gr Frangigle RHT (Lawman RHT line; bullet made by SinterFire, Inc).
“E” is a Federal 62 Gr Bonded SP (LE Tactical Bonded line).
“G” No. 1 is a Simunition Greenshield Frangible by SNC Industrial Technologies Inc., and No. 2 is a later version of the same by SNC Technologies Inc. Nominal weigth is listed as 2.3 g (35.49 gr) and/or 36 gr (2.33 g).



„F“ is a short range.

With the same kind of bullet also available in 7,62x51 and .50 BMG.
in ball and Tracer.


Hi Dutch… I thought it was short range, but my bullet weights 42gr when it should weight 47gr. For such a light bullet, one weighting 5gr lighter would reduce it range alot I would have thought. So need to find one more the same weight as mine, or is mine an experimental as it came from a collection with lots of experimentals and no paper notes!

Your Speer, the “NT” is non toxic or a lead free bullet.

many thanks…paul


Cartridge ‘C’ with headstamp RA 54 is an XM196 tracer round (LOT RA 223-131).
I have the same, also with red paint-remains in the lettering.

Photobucket is back online, so here are the pictures…