Help needed with headstamp on a 6pound shell

My friend has a shell and is curious about its history. I did some research on the headstamp and found out its a 6pound shell (6PR7CWT) and its british ( /|\ )

Can someone explain the other marks to me?
I think the triangle with the propelor in it is a mark of the manufacturer but I can’t find more info about it
And what is the meaning RPW an R1/53 and the 2B on

Thanks in advance

The case maker is the triangle that you have not photographed properly at 3 o’clock.
It looks British but any /C is Canadian. We need a better photo.

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I agree with Ron.
The headstamp and there the factory logo appears interesting.

The case was made by Pressed Steel Co., Cowley, Oxford.




PSC - Pressed Steel Company, Cowley, Oxford. At one point manufactured steel body panels for most of the major UK car manufacturers. Perhaps better known for Prestcold Refrigerators.

RPW - Its presence within a rectangle identifies it as a repair station - which one, I don’t know.

1/53 - Probably the date of repair.

2B - No idea.

CFF - This is the case life history, showing it has been filled twice with a full charge “F” of smokeless powder “C” At one point British artillery case were lifed to six equivalent full charges, hence the necessity of recording how many time it had been filled and what with.

15 II - No 15 Mark II Primer.

Q - Primer suitable for Quick firing weapons.

HC - is the manufacturer, whose identity I will need to look up

3VR - Empty series lot number - manufactured sometime in 1943

KBY - Royal Ordnance Factory Kirkby - filling factory of the primer.

Update - HC - Hercules Cycle & Motor Company Ltd., Rocky Lane, Aston, Birmingham