Help needed with ID of a small (inert) CF cartridge. (Edit: "Eley 22 Revolver or .22-3-30)

My searching has produced two possible ID’s as:

(i) 5mm French Revolver
(ii) 7mm Perrin

However; neither seems to fit the descriptions very well.

Is it possible that these were produced by a competitor as similar but; not identical calibres?




The dimensions of the two cartridges, in mm, are:

Case: 12.65
Rim: 7.00
Base: 6.05
Bullet: 5.06
OAL: 18.30

Case: 13.85
Rim: 9.05
Base: 7.80
Bullet: 7.40
OAL: 21.60

Any help in identification would be greatly appreciated.

I would say these are 5mm and a 7mm French revolver cartridges. The latter is close but the rim seems a little thin for the Perrin.

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Hi Sam,

No. 2 is a .22 caliber center fire cartridge “adapted to Pistols and Revolvers” made by Eley. It was listed simply as “.22”, “.22 Revolver” or “.22-3-30”, and also made in a longer variant with 19 mm case for “Rabbit Rifles” that was designated “.22 Long” or “.22-4-30”.



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Hi Cartridgecorner and Fede,
Many thanks for your help with these two CF cartridges.
There are times when searching for information and an ID is deeply rewarding…and other times when it’s ‘very’ frustrating. It’s wonderful to have such a help resource available when the latter occurs.
Much appreciated.

I have continued to try to definitively ID the unknown cartridge (possibly 7mm French revolver) described as L-R: No 1 in the following.

I have acquired, what I believe to be a 7mm French revolver described as L-R: No 2 in the following. This L-R: No 2 appears to fit the specification for a 7mm French revolver.

L-R: Nos 3 and 4 are Eley .320 revolver. There was some; ‘discussion,’ that L-R: No1 was also a .320 revolver.

Unfortunately; L-R No 1 does not seem to fit either 7mm French revolver or .320 revolver. Is there a short .320 revolver that would fit the dimensions for L-R: No 1?

Have edited the Title, as one of the two original ‘unknowns’ has been identified.

Would appreciate any comments.

L-R: 1-4

L-R: headstamp No 1


L-R: headstamp No 2


L-R: headstamp No 3

L-R: headstamp No 4


Cartridge dimensions.pdf (212.2 KB)