Help needed with ID of rimfire with an unusual construction. (Edit: "French bosquette, cartouche à balle double culot.")


Dimensions in mm are:

Bullet: 8.75
Base: 9.00
OAL: 16.75
Case: 10.00
Rim: 10.04

The cartridge appears to be a rimfire and has no headstamp.

The dark part of the bullet appears to be soft, like lead, that can be marked with a finger nail. However; it does not feel particularly heavy.

Any help in identification would be greatly appreciated.


HI Sam


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Hi Rufus,
Many thanks indeed…and much appreciated.

I know this kind of rimfire as French bosquette, cartouche à balle double culot. Maybe a French speaking member ( jeanpierre? ) can explain the meaning of double culot as it seems a regular term in French technical ammunition jargon.

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I’m going out on a limb as I know almost no French but I think it means double case or perhaps more accurately it refers to the 2-piece case construction

“culot” means base
“double culot” means you have two bases.

At first glance if you look at the picture you can think we have a tube in copper and a base in brass.
But in fact the copper tube is going down inside the brass base and therefore is not a tube but a base also.
Here is a drawing


Very nice indeed, jeanpierre. Simply the best explanation!

Hi jeanpierre,
Many thanks for your insight regarding; “double culot,”…greatly appreciated.

Would you be able to provide an approximate; ‘age range,’ for this cartridge, or any guidance on the manufacturer?


as early as 1888
the drawing I show is from 1892
I think the ctge you have is french

Many thanks jp.

i forgot to tell you the term “Bosquette” is not related to a ctge but to the bullet