Help needed


could anybody ID this cartridge in our german forum ?

Please have a look …


Looks like one of the SPIW flechette ctgs made by Dominion Arsenal.

Thank you very much

Is there any way that you can post a better photo? I can’t read any of the dimensions on that tiny picture.


Here you are Ray !

WOW! A lot bigger than I had assumed.

After you’re trouble in posting the photo, I’m sorry to say that I have no idea.

I’m sure someone out there can ID it now that they have dimensions.



This is a Gerlich taper-bore experimental designated .280 Halger Ultra II. It was developed during 1934 by the Halger firm from Otterup, Denmark.

The designation refers to the final diameter of the bullet. Initial bullet diameter was 10,7 mm.

The case was made by Norma Projektilfabrik from Oslo, Norway.

It was also made with 93,5 and 97,5 mm cases.

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