Help on 4.6x30 DAG DM11AP

Please, need help on 4.6x30 Dag DM11AP. Cutaways are of the following, from left to right:

GFL steel core, GFL lead core, DAG 07A1132HP, DAG 05 Steel?, DAG DM11AP or DM1136AP?

Is that a DM11AP sectioned or a DM1136AP, and what is the difference? Thanks kevin

Wolfgang, where comes the DM1136 designation from? It does not fit the designation system in this way.

As EOD indicated, DM numbers 1000 and above are used for, let me say, non-end user items. An example is the primer for this cartridge, which has model number DM1465. Troops are, of course, not issued primers.

As far as I now, Bundeswehr uses three models:
DM11 - steel bullet in a copper cap/shoe (as you have sectioned)
DM21 - ordinary lead-cored full metal jacket boattailed for training
DM31 - hardened monobloc steel bullet (four large rounded grooves, 2 inside the neck area of the case, 2 at shoulder level)

What is the headstamp of your cartridge in question?

Those are the head stamps. Amazing they can fit that much information on the bottom of the case.
Looks like a grey Teflon coating on the DM1136AP
It was picked up from SLICS last year.

If the headstamp is DM1136, it is no cartridge manufactured for Bundeswehr.

A Bundeswehr cartridge headstamp would show calibre at 12 o’clock and lot number at 6 o’clock. You mention an example: DAG07A1132
DAG - manufacturer code
07 - means 2007
A - for January
1132 - four digit lot number at the discretion of the manufacturer. DAG (contrary to MEN) has been using the first two digits for ammunition type (03 is 7.62 NATO, for example), and 11 could mean 4.6x30.

Sorry bad memory, my fault. But that does help.
The one on the left head stamp is DAG 4.6x30 (sectioned),
the one on the right is 4.6x30 DAG08D1136
Thanks for the help