Help on a 9mmP GIAT box

I have a xerox copy of this box but have no idea what the headstamp is or an image of the load.

Can anyone give me more information on this box. I have a copy of a page of a GIAT ad showing the 9x19mm but have never seen that headstamp on 9x19!

What is a CWAP 106gr bullet??? It sounds like the Swedish AP with the reinforced tip but have never heard of a French company manufacturing it.

Any help appreciated.

Would like to have a color image of this box.


Lew, I think that you have this cartridge in your collection. Look for an exposed pointed tip with ⴲ LM 98 headstamp.



Fede - do you know what the letters “C?AP” and “PERFO” stand for? The question mark in the first series of letters is not a typo. I cannot read that on the picture of the box. The center of the letter is missing, (to my eye anyway), and could be an “H”, or “N” or even a narrow “W”.

There is a second + LM 98 round, with a copper bullet with inset silver-color tip, and a deep groove in the bullet just above the case mouth. A few years into the 21st Century, Sellier and Bellot loaded a similar, but not identical, bullet in 9 mm. I did not weigh either of my two LM 98 specimens to try to determine bullet weights, but should have. Maybe later.

Edited to correct typo errors only.

John Moss

It is a W John. I’ve enlarged the end flap and posted below:

John, the acronym is “CWAP”, but I don’t have any document or catalog explaining its meaning. “PERFO” stand for “Perforante” (Armor Piercing).

The other load you mention with the same headstamp is the “5.5 g Expansive”:



Picture from the cartridge…cwap but it’s not the CWAP. I 'd say an expanding bullet. The good one: 69648525_512126986210200_857264721978458112_n

Thank you all for your corrections and comments. Very, very helpful! I see from the tiny bit of French I understand that the second type I mentioned is a Limited Penetration Expansive cartridge. The pictures from all three of you chaps (including the drawing of the “Expansive” 5.5 gram loading), make me glad I asked the question. Excellent information and great presentation that even a tech-moron like me can understand. Thank you!