Help on identity

Picked this up at recent gunshow. Far from my normal interests.
Length 110mm, diameter 42mm.
Thanks for any help.


If it is original you scored a nice item. This is a German HE projectile for the 4.2 cm Pak 41 (squeeze bore).

Thank you. The only marking is the letter. “S” on the bottom.


Is it missing a filler between the 2 rims that would act as a sabot?

Muck, hard to say without holding it in my hands but your’s could be a copy.

Ammo One, nothing missing, this one goes through a conical bore and teh flanges get depressed and the projectile diameter is reduced down to the diameter of the central part you see.
Means the projectile here starts at 42mm and leaves the bore with 28mm.

Come to slics and you can hold it in your hand. Nose screws out then interior or striker of nose screws out. Upper flange dented somewhat.

Niece piece

Muck, that will be a too long trip to do.

Gary, great find! Thanks for sharing.

Below you can see a drawing by Polte:



Thank you for the drawing. Everything sure matches. EOD mentions a copy. Did some other countries besides Germany copy this design?

Gary, with copy I meant your’s could be a reproduction.

Besides Germany only the British (40mm 2-pdr) and Swiss (47mm) used a similar concept but not as this one by Gerlich but by Janecek who used a different flange system (his were collapsible hollow bourrelets).

Here the Janecek system as used by the British:

The Germans used the Gerlich system in 28mm, 42mm and 75mm + lots of experimentals.

Many other countries did experiments with both systems but none were adopted as the APDS system succeeded. The last experiment with Gerlich designs was done in Ukraine in the 1990s (30mm).

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Oh thanks, I misunderstood. Even the interior seems to have residue. Very solid item. My guess is original. As always it pays to ask. I am learning a lot. Now I will need to track down a case. Although I don’t think it will fit my drawers with my 10,000 9x19s or other small bore I collect.

Your projectile would require a close examination.
Cases are impossible to get.
Currently I know like 3 to exist. Price range is 1000+ Euro.

Maybe I won’t hold my breath on finding a case.

I had no idea. I should ask the fellow where I got the projectile about the case.