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I have recently picked up a Kynoch 9mmP box with a Canadian Dominion overlabel. The basic Kynoch box is a somewhat different style than others in my collection and I’m having trouble dating it. The year code is “M” so it is either 1938 or 1964.

I have a Kynoch 1936 dated box and it is a totally different label style. I have a 1949 Kynoch box (shown below) and a 1963 Kynoch box (not pictured, but very similar to the 1949, except in 115gr blt). The manufacturer information on the back of the Dominion box is quite different from that on the 1949 & 1963 boxes.

Is the Kynoch box under the Dominion Label later than 1963 or earlier than 1949???

I have also attached the label of a much earlier Kynoch 9mm box with a pink covered box under the label like the DWM boxes from between the wars. Unfortunatly, this box lacks a date code. The cartridges are K 22 headstamped (as are the cartridges in a Kynoch box dated 1932).

I am interested in a date range for this box label. Interestingly, I have a Dominion overlabeled box with the same pink ends which is clearly an early Kynoch box (the one I picture below or one similar) and it too contains K 22 headstamped cartridges.

Any help on these dates is much appreciated.



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This is a continuation of the previous post. Pictured below are the 1936 Kynoch box mentioned above and the second picture shows date code of “16NK” for 16 July 1936. The other box has a Dominion label but appears to be identical to the 1936 Kynoch box down to the dark red seal over the thumb cutout.

The code on the Dominion box is “FQ” (again, like the Dominion box pictured in the previous post, only the two letters without the day of the month. They are stamped on the side of the box, not on the Dominion label.

The problem arises that the letter code “Q”, if it is a Kynoch code would represent 1942 which is a very unlikely date for Commercial Kynoch ammo to be shipped to Canada. The Dominion letter code “Q” would represent 1937 which matches quite nicely with the Kynoch 1936 box pictured.

I also have a picture of a Dominion labeled Kynoch box with the date code “KN” stamped on the Kynoch box end label. The cartridges in this box are headstamped KYNOCH 9mm P. The date code is stamped in serifed purple letters like the “FQ” and unlike the other codes illustrated which are all in block letters. The “KN” code would be November 1934 if it were a Dominion code. If a Kynoch code it would be April 1939, an unlikely date, given among other things the fact that the Dominion overlabel is identical to one on a box that contains 22 K headstamped cartridges. The Nov 1934 date is interesting since a Kynoch drawing copy I have indicates that the 22 K style headstamp was used until April 1934 when this drawing was recended, apparently in favor of the KYNOCH 9mm P. headstamp.

This brings into question whether the Dominion box with the “M” code mentioned above is in fact a Dominion date code. I think this is unlikely since the other letter, “Q”, is partially covered by the remains of the Dominion label that was originally on the back of this box. In addition, a Dominion “M” code would indicate manufacture in 1933-far to early for the box style, or 1955 which is exactly between my two Kynoch boxes with identical company names. I’m convinced the Dominion box with the red & yellow Kynoch box under the Dominion label has a Kynoch box code.




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