Help on some 7.62x54r and 8x50r

I found these two today at a local gunshow and have a few questions I hope you can help me with. I don’t have a camera. First is the 7.62x54r… It’s an old round nose, brass cased round with 3 stab crimps in the neck. I’m lost on the headstamp… at 12 o’clock there is what appears to be a “K” followed by an uncerifed " l " followed by a backwards “N” and finally a “3” , all read from the primer out. At 3’ o’clock read from the rim tword the primer is a “905”. Does anyone recognise my description of the headstamp? The second round is a poor condition 8x50r for the Mannliher 1895, Intertwined “G R” (George Roth?) dated 1916. The bullet is heavily rusted barely 2% of the plating showing. Do you have any suggestions to stop the active rust. It appears to be a solid nose-round nose, no rattles so I doubt any surprises other than a “common” ball round. Thanks in advance and feel free to hijack with info regarding camera’s you use to photo rounds.

Images would really help (or a high res scan on a scanner).

Your 7.62x54R is a Russian one from 1905. The days of the Russo-Japanese war.
The round nose projectile was replaced by the spitzer design in 1908.