Help Please (Egyptian 14.5x114mm)

Need some help in identifying this round
Many thanks in advance
Projectile 15mm, O/A length 153mm case dia 26.5mm Case length 114mm
these measurement are taken with old veneers

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Egyptian 14.5x114 (14.5mm Russian HMG).

Headstamp reads:

ARE (Arabic Republic of Egypt)
86 (1986)
27 (Factory 27)

Ken Elks has this listed as a dummy round. Egypt made this in API, APIT and dummy.

EDIT: Just noticed I originally stated factory 21. It is in fact, factory 27.

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Many thanks to all help
with the title and info

are you sure that is a dummy ?

for kiwi ,do you heard the powder when the round is shaked ?

To what I remember Egyptian dummies do look different.

… and this primer with its annulus looks pretty life!

I Have Shaken the round can’t hear any powder moving or feel any weight shift
But the primer has a black paint ring around the out side
so I’m not convinced its a dummy

It looks like a regular round with missing tip color.
Maybe inerted if no propellant is inside.

The neck crimp is in place and looks untouched to me

The weight is approx. the same as the Russian 14.5mm I have with the 3 crimps around the neck
but these are fired and filled with sand or such

Hard to judge to be honest. I saw pulled 14.5mm and they were almost impossible to recognize.

How it got fired leaving an intact primer?

I don’t think it’s been fired because of the 3 very small neck crimps around the projectile
The Russian 14.5 should read 3 dimple around the shoulder

I think I had better list this one as live and possibly

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