Help please identifying this Chinese

Can you guys please help identifying this cartridge.
is it AP or what ?


What is the headstamp?

It is an Incendiary-Tracer loading.

The headstamp is 31 66


can you please tell me how you identify it as Incendiary ?. as i know the incendiary is blue colored tip.
And what is the meaning of of the rim on the bullet ?

Red is the color code for incendiary-tracer in communist made 7.62x39mm. This information is readily found in any publication or reference work that covers this caliber. Other countries use blue as a color code for incendiary loads but not communist countries. The rim around the tip is from the jacket being a two piece design. The very tip of the jacket is a thin copper cap to ensure better rupture of the projectile and ignition of the incendiary filler. This early Chinese load is an exact copy of the Soviet design, but later they changed the incendiary-tracer projectile to a one piece design with an internally weakened tip to get the same rupturing effect.


Thank you guys. @AKMS i really appreciate it thank you for your valuable information