Help please, on cartridge i d

Can someone advise me please on how to get an id on ww2 brass 40 mm base plate? Any help would be most appreciated, I have two non identical shells, 7/40 and 6/40. Not sure if my image upload will open

The picture doesn’t open… could you try to repost it? Just drag and drop it!

Oh, I cannot do that on ipad. I tried to paste the last one. Will try something else thanks for looking everyone 👍
Here they are! (Looking a little sad)

Thank you for your reply, 👍 I have managed to upload a composite image

They are both 40x311R L/60 Bofors cases as used by the Navy.
Both British but the stamps are too feint to identify the case maker.
Possibly both Mk1 cases .Primers are 1940 so cases usually the same or possibly one year different? Mk1 & Mk2 have this large primer.

Thanks for that Ron, t hey have been in the family all this time.
Most helpful