Help pricing collectible brass needed

I have some .44 mag brass that was made up special to honor Elmer Keith. The headstamp had KEITH on it. This is unused and has been in a box since I got about them 20 years ago.
Any idea what the value of this might be? I am thinking of selling a box of 50 rounds. Is $1.00 a round reasonable? Or maybe $5.00 a round because of collector interest? I really don’t know if it is worth 50 cents or $50 each.

What you have is probably commemorative headstamp brass sold by Midway honoring a trio of famous handgunners. In addition to the .44 Magnum for Elmer Keith (“KEITH”), they also had .45 ACP for Jeff Cooper (“COOPER”), and .357 Magnum for Bill Jordan (“JORDAN”). I would not expect they would be unusually valuable, but I don’t know. Others may.

I agree with Dennis that these are not terribly valuable. They were sold for some time by Midway, in the thousands of pieces. I don’t usually do values, but I do feel that almost any cartridge item that one doesn’t have in his collection, and wants, should be worth a buck in these days, where a dollar buys you just about nothing. I gave away all the extras I had. The tough part when they first came out was getting singles for a collection, though, and that I will admit. Not many people wanted to buy a hundred pieces or more just to get one.