Help to ID 7.92x57mm Headstamps?


Here is the remainder of the headstamps I cannot identify. I looked at all my resources and all the resources I knew about on the web.


Got a suspicion this one is from Eastern Europe.

No idea.



Suspect Eastern Europe.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



No.1 looks like FN with a poor strike. Is it 7mm or 7.92mm?
No.2 White & Munhall lists this as unknown, found in Korea
No.3 does indeed appear to be Artillerie Ind. from the Netherlands
No.4 is believed to be Lithuanian
No.5 is Czech
No.6 is Kynoch, UK

I am sure others can give more info, as 7.9 is not my collecting area. I only answered because the last one was British!



Thank you for all the information Tony. It really helped. I didn’t see it before, but I know see what you mean about No. 1 being FN with a poor strike.

No. 1 is a 7.92x57mm.



The proper identifications are:

F N - Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre, Herstal, Belgium - much of the 7.9 ammunition of this era from FN was made for Lithuania, with this headstamp style. I cannot say that all of it was. I have a similar headstamp but instead of the lot number (month?) it has the well-known Lithuanian “Pillars of Gediminius” crest on the headstamp, the same crest that appears on the front receiver ring of FN-made 98 Mauser rifles and FN Browning GP (HP) pistols, on the top front of the slide, made for Lithuania.

CI - while some of this could have turned up in Korea, it is, in fact, a headstamp made in Germany for the Spanish Civil War. “CI” has been identified by the German Group as a product of Dynamit A.-G. vormals Alfred Nobel & Co., Werk Empelde, using the codes P120 and emp on ammunition made for the Wehrmacht in Germany.

AI is not, in this case, Artillerie Inrichtengen of Holland, but another clandestine Spanish Civil War headstamp, identfied in Germany as the mark of Deustche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken A.-G., Berlin-Borsigwalde using the codes P131 and asb for ammunition made for the Wehrmacht, and “B DWM B” etc. on ammunition made commercially and for export.

A D reportedly stands for Artileri Dirbtuv


It was a big help John.

That was the type of information I was looking for. Very interesting.

Thank you.



Sorry John,

almost correct. AI is not DWM Berlin, but DWM L


If this becomes my second reply, sorry. I just posted one, but for some reason, cannot bring it up on the Forum.

Dutch is absolutely right. The material from the German Group I referenced was sent to me by Dutch. He knows more about German headstamps on this caliber than about anyone else in the world. He is responsible for the work I used to identify the German rounds in question, which he compiled with some help from others all over the world. I simply and accidentally went over “a notch” when I was reading the material.

Sorry about that all - I will try to be more careful. You all now know I really don’t know much about ammo. I just have a good library. Now, if I could learn to read…!!!

Thanks Dutch, my dear friend. I owe you a beer for a good “catch” on my error.