Help to ID a 30-06 Headstamp "K 60 30"


The below headstamp has me confused.

I am guessing Kynoch, but that may or may not be accurate. The bullet is magnetic and the case looks like copper washed brass.

If anybody knows, I would appreciate any information as to who manufactured this cartridge.

Thank you.


K = Kynoch

60 = date

30 = caliber

Not so confusing.

See Chris Punnett’s book on .30-06, a must-have reference for anyone interested in this caliber (personall, for anyone interested in ammunition).

If the case is copper washed brass then it is a proof load.

I have the identical headstamped round in proof loading. Although in theory British military proof loads should have a yellow annulus, in practice many of the Kynoch contract proof loads have a purple annulus (.30-06, .50 Br and others)


John and Tony,

Thank you for helping me ID this cartridge. I guess I need another book.

This round does have the purple primer annulus. I had no idea it was a proof load.


Chris’s book is a must-have if you are interested in cartridges. I don’t collect .30-06, but the massive amount of information in the book makes for good reading anyways. I have used the book to answer many questions others have asked over the years, even a few of my own. I shoot the caliber and reload for it and occasionally run across ammo or brass that is unusual, so the book is nice to have around just for that even!

Even though the case body seems to have lost some of the copper plating, the extractor groove sure looks copper plated to me.