Help to ID a WW2 30mm projectile

A friend of mine came across this projectile at a garage sale. It Measures 1.25" x 3.5" tall (31.75mmx89mm) so I’m assuming a 30mm round. I can’t find anything about the markings on the web and thought I’d share here after coming across this sight. The round is supposedly from WW2. The markings around the primer/fuse/tracer insert can’t be read. The markings on the primer/fuse/tracer read P.F. | MIN. CAL M.I. | 1075 84 and there is a N inside a square in the center. There are two holes on the insert that you’d use with a tool. Then, on the grooved copper driving band there is an L|T| 1|75|13 stamped. Something can be heard rattling softly inside when the unit is moved about.

Pics: … 8176_z.jpg … 60ae_z.jpg

Any help you could give me would be appreciated.


Bassnote1, Your round is a 37mm Steel Shell MK I for the M1916 Infantry Support Gun and has MI fuze and the lot# is 1075-84. It was made by P. E. & M. Co and markings on the engraved rotating band is LOT over 1075-13. Now, possibly the bad news. The round has been fired and may STILL contain about an ounce of black powder. The fuze is is an impact inertia (concussion) type fuze, which means that when the nose hits (like being dropped on the floor from about, say 4", maybe less) inertia carries the firing pin into the primer, thus setting the round off. If you haven’t unscrewed the fuze, DON’T!! Black powder has a tendency to migrate into threads and friction can (read usually WILL) set it off and the fact that sealed black powder can stay active for years/centuries. More of these little gems have injured, maimed or killed people than you can imagine. It was designed to take our German MG nests in WWI and did it’s job well. If you’re not sure about it, please call the authorities and have it taken care of. It’s not worth the 20-50 dollars spent to have you or children/grandchildren hurt. R/S Bruce A. Carnal, Retired EOD Tech.

Bruce, how do you know it was made by PE&MCo without knowing its base markings?

Thank you ever so much. I appreciate your input and I know my friend will do the right thing with this as they are super careful and being hunters and outdoors types know better than to mess with stuff. Hence the casting about for information.

Rock on!

Fede, I can barely make out some of what looks like P.E.&M. Co. on the base of the round. Also, The lot # looks like their style and block. The fuze is a puzzler. The only time I’ve seen N in a square is for the U.S. Navy’s Small Caliber MK XII Base Fuze for the 1pdr, 3pdr and the 6pdr of the same era. I have the MK XII Mod 1 dated 10-17 then it switches to the MK II Mod 9 in 11-17 and they are both made by A. A. and M. Co. The lots I have for the MK XII (N square) range from 54-17 to 88-17. They must have switched contracts and started making fuzes for the Army, at least that’s what I speculate.