Help to ID the Color Codes on 303 British Cartridges


I have the below 303 British cartridges in my collection.

  1. FN (Fabrique Nationale) 52; blue tip
  2. FN (Fabrique Nationale) 50; red tip
  3. D1 Z 1944 (Dominion); red tip, this one is labeled as an “Observing” round but I am unsure.
  4. BPD 952 (Bombrini Parodi Delfino); white tip; very light bullet. Maybe a short-range cartridge or trainer?

What functional type are these rounds. I cannot find color codes for these cartridges in my references.

Thank you for any assistance.


As far as I know, your rounds, right to left, are Incendiary (FN Blue Tip), Tracer (FN Purple-red tip), Tracer (Canadian red tip) and possibly AP (Italian), although I don’t think so. The “very light bullet” sounds like it may be a dummy. Is there ian “O” impressed on the brass primer? If so, it is a factory inert cartridge. If it has the “O” primer, not to be confused with an RWS Sinoxid primer from before WWII, and is dated “952,” my notes say it is a dummy made for Egypt. The bullet would be light because it is without core. I had the round I describe when I was still collecting .303.

As far as I have been told #1 and 2 were made for Romania to be used in aircraft guns.
Someone else may know better.


Thank you for your help again.

Round number 4 does indeed have an “O” on the primer. Therefore, it is a dummy cartridge made for Egypt.

I appreciate the information!


AFAIK the first two were also used by the Argentinean Air Force.
I agree on the BPD white tip.

2nd one TRACER L83
4th one DUMMY
Looking through my collection I have them described as above
Im sorry I dont know the model of the incendiary or the dummy

Thank you all for your assistance in helping me identify the above cartridges.

Very good information.