Help to ID Unknown Cartridge


Can anyone ID the cartridge shown on the left of the .401 Winchester SL? It has no headstamp and the base is slightly recessed.

I have also shown a picture of the top of the bullet in the .401, it has a copper tip and is surrounded by a ring of what appears to be red paper. Is this a normal load or something special?

Thanks in advance.



Copper tube HP bullets are a bit “British” but this is not as far as I’m aware.

Anyway my totally useless reply will at least bring it back to the top.


When I look at that picture, I can’t help but speculate that the cartridge in question is something along the lines of the 10.2x46 Swiss. Someone will have to compare the dimensions of course. The problem is, that the cartridge in question looks too short standing up next to that .401 to be 10.2x46 Swiss.


Can you provide dimensions of the cartridge in question? Also, a larger picture of the head would be useful. This may be a reformed case, and that recessed head could possibly have been done to remove the original headstamp.



The dimensions are:

Bullet .410
Neck .430
Rim .490
Case length 1.49

I originally thought it was a reformed case or something someone has knocked up on a lathe, and it may well be. But having collected cartridges for more years than I care to mention, it does have an original look and feel to it.



I haven’t a clue what it is, but I think it is the result of someone with free time and nothing better to do, who had access to a loading press and lathe. All those marks on the primer indicate to me that it probably isn’t a factory load. It looks to be loaded with a deep seated .401 Win SL bullet.