Help to ID


I need help identifying these 2 items.
I will start with the smaller item/headspace guage?
Rim .368
head .360
cm .362
blt .308
c/l 1.147
o/l 1.619
35 win sl?
Larger item - sub caliber device for bb or roundball?
uses percussion cap. Small tube with inside device with diameter of .160
Diameter of concave hole at largest point for round ball/ bb is .240
Rim .6335
head .521
shoulder .502
c/m .461
c/l 2.228
11.15 Spanish Remington?
Bob Ruebel


Sharps Rifle Co. made some pretty similar constructed solid steel shells for Gallery Practice using a No. 1 Berdan primer. These were advertised in Sharps 1879 catalog and known in calibers like .40-70 Sharps Straight 2 ½" Case and .45-70/75 Government/Sharps 2 1/10".

I believe your example could be a .44-77 Sharps Necked 2 ¼” variation but the case mouth beveling and percussion primer use doesn’t match known Sharps production.