Help to identify 11,3x50R case and manufacturer

Please, help me to identify this case and it’s manufacturer with headstamp KK

Thanks for any info

Style of headstamp and dimensions seem to suggest the Dutch Beaumont cartridge. Does the case have the arrow-shaped primer anvil protruding into the case interior? Jack

It’s difficult to say, because the case inside is dirty. But it came from Netherlands and could be Dutch Beaumont. Could you help me to identify the manufacturer?

Hello Treshkin,

Yes it is a dutch Beaumont shell.
At least that is what they told me.
I have no idea what the KK stands for.

Regards rené

My guess would be this case was produced by the Artillerie Inrichtingen in the Netherlands and that the letters indicate the material source and/or lot number as are found on the Netherlands 6.5 m/m rifle ammunition. Jack