Help to identify 20mm projectile

Can you help identify this 20mm spent projectile?
.782 Dia.
2.870 OAL
Attracted to magnet
Thanks, Bob


It is possible that this projectile could be one of many types of projectiles used in the 20x102mm cartridge.

Are the driving band and nose fuze steel?

Are there any letters or numbers stamped on the projectile or nose fuze?


Hello Brian
There are no letters or numbers anywhere that I see. It is all steel.

It might be a test vehicle for a sintered or soft iron driving band.

Here is another photo
Projectile weight is 1408.5 grains with fuse and no charge.

Looks like a regular M56 HE round (20x102) to me (is that a trace of yellow color still visible on picture ?).
Fuze seems to be an M505A3 missing the windshield on top
Letters/numbers were stamped on the driveband or painted on the body, most likely gone after firing…

Didn’t the regular M56 20x102 have copper drive bands?