Help to identify the bullets

Could you please identify two bullets on the picture.
Both bullets came in a heap of standard 8x56 R Kropatchek bullets.
And they looked like typical Kropatchek bullets. Both have iron jacket. Diameter is 8.2 mm and length is 32 mm.

But I have never seen the bullets with such tail which had been closed by such folds. Looks like the jacket tail was star-crimped first and then finally folded until flat condition.
Is it rare bullets ? Which period and which producers manufactured bullets with such tail ending?
Interesting, that both bullets have different ogival shape.
I would appreciate any thought about.

any ideas about bullets above ?
Probably this method of bullet-tail forming was used for other calibers in some other countries?
Is anybody familiar this this ?

A method of constructing a lead core projectile by forming the rear end of the jacket with several folds into a star shape was patented by a Viennese mechanic named H. Martin in 1895. If this is related to the 8 mm Kropatschek projectiles, I don’t know.

This diagram shows five finished projectiles with different tail configurations.

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