HELP WANTED-Volunteer to update the IAA Headstamp Code List

Pulled from a 9mm thread.

Lew Curtis wrote:

“Is there someone out there who would like to take on management and upkeep of the IAA headstamp code list on the website? We haven’t have anyone willing to do that for some years now.
The position is open!!!

The hard work has already been done, there is a huge existing list, in an easy to use digital format. We just need someone who has the time and dedication to keep adding stuff to it, and then sending a revised copy to the webmaster every few months.

Anyone? Anyone?

John–Please see my email to you concerning this.

John, I can help. I’m also a longtime IT admin and webmaster for several other commercial and non-profit websites as well as my Corporate Intranet.

Let me know what I can do.


Thanks to everyone who replied on line or by PM or email. Your info has been passed to Lew Curtis who will take it from there.

As with most IAA functions, volunteers are needed to make things happened, and the speed and quality of the results vary with the time and talent of those who are willing to take on projects.


Thanks to those who have already posted. I believe I have sent an email to each of you.

First, this is not a Headstamp Guide. It is a list of the codes used on centerfire small arms ammunition below 0.50" caliber. John Moss and I put it together about 10 years ago, and I updated it for a couple of years until I ran out of time. I don’t think it has been updated since about 2004 when I moved to Atlanta to be with granddaughters and ran out of time for this list.

An IAA member has written an Access database program that contains the current list and allows lots of added capability like ease of input, establishing multiple additional classes of headstamps like rimfire, pinfire, shotshell, large caliber, etc. he also allowed the input of images so we can add symbols and similar headstamps.

All that is lacking is a group of people to take over the task of updating the CF section that currently exists and expanding it into the other classes mentioned above.

The ATF accepts the names and addresses on the list today as adaquate manufacturer identification for ammo on their Form 6 import permits. It also provides a great list for beginning collectors, and not so beginners, and a place to start in running down a headstamp identification. I have been surprised by how many webmasters have put copies on their sites. I use to write them and remind them to credit the IAA and put a link to our home page.

It was never intended as a definative research document because, among other reason, keeping the list as it exists requires more work than we have found willing people.

If you are interested, you can look over the list at
Note that the list is structured so that there is a reference for the information on each code.

If you are willing to help out with this effort in one capacity or another, and it will take a group of people to get the list updated and maintained, please let me know.

Look forward to hearing from you.


The first priority is someone to lead the whole effort and then a bunch of helpers.

For better or worse, I volunteered to, and it has fallen on me to, manage the update effort. For those wanting in on this effort, please email or PM me with your name, description of your interests, skills, and vision for the Headstamp Code List.