Help with 12mm Gévelot S. A. & Gaupillat

Would appreciate help with this inert 12mm from: Gévelot S. A. & Gaupillat, (Sociètè Française des Munitions).

Case length is 16.00mm.

Would appreciate any guidance regarding the cartridge, or the manufacturing date?


I have the same cartridge. I call it a 12mm revolver centrefire rather than a canne.
I have the matching blank with 13mm case length and 8 lobe crimp.
My 12mm Canne ball load has a 14.5mm case length H/s GG entwined CANNE 12m/m.

12mm French Centerfire

Many thanks ron3350 and bdgreen.
Do you have any feeling for an approximate date?

First of all this is not as simple as it sounds these French Revolver rounds of various types can become quite
confusing.What you have Sam is,is known as French REV. and they come in 5-7-9-12-15mm you have the 12mm they came out at the end of the 1880 of the last century.They are fun to collect the 15mm and the
shot load of that size are difficult to obtain.Than you have the MOD 1873 11mm French REV and the 12mm
French NAVY REV they are all very similar only the last one has a longer case and is difficult to get.And last of all
I like to bring your attention to the IAA Journal N0 471 where there is a excellent write up about the French
Devisme cartridges it is one of my preferd issues.But some of them are hard to come by.
Now a word to ron3350 No you do not have a 12 mm REV round what you have is a DUMONTHIER in 12mm
this round is a cane gun round and they came also in 7+9mm the Stamp says it CANN do not feel bad
made the same mistake until some day I tripped over it by accident these cartridges were also developed in the1880 production for most of these cartridges was terminated before the first War.There is an old post in
the forum about the DUMONTHIER round somewhere maybe you can find it.For what it is worth the 5+7mm
variety is the most difficult to find from all of them.Are you located in Europa??

Sherryl. Thanks for your comments. I stated that I had a ball and a blank with the same headstamp as shown. I called them 12mm French revolver. The blank would be 16mm case length if fired but was 13mm loaded length. I stated that my cane gun ball load was 14.5mm case length. I have a normal collection of around 30 examples from 5mm to 15mm including the 15mm dummy shot load. What have I wrongly identified ?
No dimensions other than case length were given in the query that I tried to answer. Ron.

your round with the headstamp CANN is not a 12mm French REV round but a Dumonthier Cane gun round
the dimensions on these rounds are almost the same I had the same problem but always felt there was
something wrong because of that stamp until I found the verification in an cartridge book.The mark CANN
really stands for CANE.I will tell you something very funny I have another of these Cane cartridges for years
witha Stamp 9mmWS I could never figure out what WS means until one day I came across the info that
it means WALKING STICK I was flabergasted to say the least.I am happy for you to have that 15mm shot

Hi sherryl,

Many thanks for your help and insight……much appreciated.


Everything is OK. I realised the difference in case lengths between the two cartridges and should have given a clearer answer and not mentioned the cane gun.