Help with 35 Remington bullet ID


Hello there,

One of my friends has got these 35 Remington ammunitions that you can see in the picture. Does anybody know the type and weight of this bullet? Headstamp is REM UMC 35 REM.

Thank you for your help.



Appears from the photos to be a typical Remington “Mushroom” bullet. Used quite extensively by them in many calibers. Mostly 1920’s through 1950’s.



Mihaly–that is the 200 grain Express Mushroom Core-Lokt bullet.


I have used older Remington Cor-Lokt Mushroom bullets on game for a few years now. These were Remintons attempt at a controlled expansion bullet. These are the tried and true older Cor-Lokt’s with the heavy inner belt, not to be confused with the newer cup and core Cor-Lokt’s. These older Mushroom bullets, with no lead showing controlled the expansion thus increasing expansion. I have shot 2 elk, a buffalo, a deer and an antelope with these bullets in various calibers. On the smaller deer and antelope I used cartridges that werent able to expand the bullet at the ranges I shot them. However on the larger game they were very impressive and gave good peratration.


Thanks for the help for all of you.