Help with 4 items


Howdy , I need help with 4 little problems I hope someone can answer

  1. 9mm Luger headstamp is 6 8 070 brass case,wide white neck ring and a white tip leaving only a small area of bullet jacket showing ,bullet is magnetic ,primer seal is half white and half black ,what is it ?

  2. 7.65 Browning ,headstamp DWM 43 479A , steel case bullet is magnetic ,Dixon vol 1 DWM cases says this is a AP round ,any more info?

  3. 8mm Nambu ,headstamp , midway 8 m.m. nambu , round has a knurled ring on the bullet and case , is this a standard round ?

  4. Combustible Cartridge in paper carrying case with , eley london, bottom label and brown pull tab,all easy so far but what do I have ? a 44 , a 450 or a 46 ,the bullet is a round nose OL is 1.15in. and is .470 around paper ,paper is firm around cartridge so I can’t remove it

                               thanks folks

  1. Swedish, but I’m not sure what the loading is.
  2. German wartime ball round, not AP.
  3. US made by/for Midway, knurls signify a dummy loading.
  4. Not a clue.


This Swedish 9mm is a special load for a training device,


Sorry - in the last answer, I forgot to tell you the simplest thing. Your cartridge was made in 1968 (at least the case - it could have been loaded later, but probably not too likely), by Arsenal 070 - F


That is a thorough answer!


? #4 answer: is an Eley skin cartridge. The powder is incased with a membrane (animal) and perhaps tied with a thin cord for reinforcing. It’s then glued to the bullet base. Number of book show this. Try Suydam, Logan or Hoyem (off the top of my head)


I can answer the AT-4 question. The 9mm tracer cartridge is fired in a barrel and chamber that is fitted inside a regular, expended (I think) launcher and fired by the AT-4 firing mechanism. I do not know if this subcaliber training device was designed to be installed in an expended launcher, or if the entire launcher and subcaliber trainer were manufactured new together. A “live” AT-4 has a yellow band around it to signify a HE warhead and the trainer has a blue band instead. If I recall correctly, the breech is a rotating one not unlike the French 75mm rapid fire cannon of WWI fame. It has been many years since I saw one of these, so this may not be entirely correct. These tracer rounds do not have a spotter element, but what about the original Swedish designs?



AKMS - as far as I know, the Swedish rounds are just a modified-velocity tracer. I don’t think they have any smoke or flash “bursting” effect when they hit the target, other than sometimes tracers show a flash when a hard target is hit, I guess due to dispersion of the still-burning tracer element from bullet destruction.