Help with .40/70 Sharps Necked


Have been reading some of the older posts dating back to 2008, in attempting to confirm the ID and, if possible, further information regarding the date and origin.

The brass case appears quite clean with little patina. Consequently, I wonder if this is not so old.


I believe that this is a .40/70 Sharps Necked…from the cal., case length and bullet shape.

Unfortunately no headstamp.

Dimensions are as follows:

Case length: 2.27"
Bullet: 0.400"
Rim: 0.602"
Base: 0.507"
Neck: 0.425"

Would appreciate help regarding identification and origin.



Hi Sam3, the measurements certainly match the 40-70 Sharps. The paper patched bullet is also a distinctive aspect of the 40-70 Sharps. This looks to be a UMC manufacture. I know that these are listed in the 1877 UMC catalog, but not the 1873 catalog. UMC probably began manufacturing these sometime between those dates.


Hi Maynard,
Many thanks for your reply and additional detail…much appreciated.