Help with .460 Weatherby Mag WIldcat ID?

I’m glad that I found this place. Closet collector here, started with a couple of cigar boxes of shotgun ammo my grandmother gave me when my grandfather passed and I got older. I’ve been picking up any oddball (to me) stuff that I have seen over the years and now just picked up a box of more oddball stuff from an estate auction.

I realize that because some are wildcats it might be impossible to ID them. Here’s info on the first curiosity, I will post a pic when I can do that.

Headstamp says .460 Weatherby Magnum. BUT the case is only 1.756" in length. The bullet in it is .454"-.455" dia., copper jacket, exposed lead rounded tip. The case has a neck that is .350" long, the shoulder is approximately .250" in length and the case/shoulder goes from .565"-.570" where the shoulder starts to .500" OD of the neck.

I have other questions but I won’t clutter this up.


Hi Scott, welcome to the forum.

Nice wildcat! It is the .457 Super Magnum designed around 1978 by Bruce Woods of Sylmar, California for his “Woods White Horse Magnum”, a huge custom made single action revolver. He also made a smaller version based on the .458 Winchester Magnum case.



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Thank you thank you thank you very much! I would have never figured that out by myself. I can’t imagine that in a handgun that would be very interesting! I will have more questions about some of the Wildcats or the cartridges that are in the box that I have no idea about and some others that I have. I am glad that I found this place an I am very grateful for the wealth of information that everyone has. Thanks again