Help with 9x19 cartridge I.D. please


please help with I.D. of this 9x19 cartridge


These cartridges were made in Czechoslovakia by Zbrojovka Brno in 1946, for the “Nederlandsche Politie” and boxed 25 rounds to a box. The box labels are all in Dutch, and the only indication I can read of the true nationality of manufacture on the box is the Brno trademark, a “Z” inside a gun barrel (rifling).

This round is found with both GMCS and CNCS bullets. The box labels are identical for both, but I don’t think they were ever mixed in the boxes. The ones with CNCS bullets have a red seal. The ones with GMCS a black seal, although I have seen a couple of these where it looks almost like the black is put over the red - that is, they have a sliight red tinge to the primer-seal color.

The identical headstamp appears on 9 mm Browning Short (.380 Auto), except there is a “K” for “Kurz” behind the “9 mm” marking, instead of a “P.” Because of the unique headstamp, the 9 mm Short is certainly for the Dutch Police also, although I do not have a box label for it in my own collection.

Since all three variants mentioned above have the number 14 on the headstamp, along with the dateof 46, I cannot imagine it is a lot number, since no other number is known on this headstamp, and it certainly is not the month. I do not what what the “14” represents.Perhaps Lew Curtis can help us with that.


John’s right again, as usual. I have only seen this load with the “14” which is strange since other ammunition by this manufacturer in the immediate post WWII years seems to have the month and date. I have no useful thoughts on why this headstamp has a “14”. The highest number I have documented on other headstamps is “11”

I also have this headstamp on a nickel plated dummy.




Since the “14” appears on both the Parabellum and Kurz rounds, perhaps it is a contract designator?


Some photos from a box in my collection. It seems that Gyro has my missing round :)


Vlim - Just for the record, that is the same box I have. Both loads, the CNCS bullet and GMCS bullet types came in identical boxes. If my boxes were full, I would be happy to take one out to fill your box, since I don’t care for any more than one round in the box. Unfortunately, I have had my boxes so long that I don’t have any of the others still in my dupes.


That box label seems to have a note “voor stenguns” (for Sten Guns?). Am I reading that correctly?

Were the Dutch Police using Sten Guns at that time?



Hi, yes, it specifically mentions that the cartridges are intended for the sten gun. The Dutch were equipped with surplus US and British material after WW2, this included sten guns as well.

John: Thanks for the gesture. The box is actually missing 2 rounds and I’m sure I will be able to live with that, for now :)


I have a box but it was empty,now I have one cartridge for that Thanks to all…

John I have a simular box but for 6,35…

And my empty box …now have one round in it…



What is the headstamp on the 6.35 cartridges? I have never seen the box in this caliber before.
Some of the rounds in your picture appear to have a two part headstamp (12 and 6 o’clock) while others seem to have more entries. Hard to tell. I have several slight variations of “Z 6.35” with a red primer seal.

With all the 7.65 mm Browning Pistols kicking around Europe right after WWII, I’d bet that there p[robably was a 7.65 mm version of this box too.


John headstamp is Z 6,35