Help with a 5.56x45mm ID please

I have a 5.56x45mm that has a light brown over dark brown tip. The case appears to be stamped FC or possible FO. I had a scroll through the .pdf of Ron Fuch’s book on 5.56 but I couldn’t find it in there.

Here is the round. I’ll try to get a better shot of the tip.

Federal 5.56x45mm 50gr Semi-Jacketed Frangible loading, XM556NT1.

Your are correct, the headstamp is " F C 15 " i.e. Federal Cartridge Company and produced at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (according to the info I have) in 2015.

Typical contract (overrun) box:

Typical contract ammo can.

(Source: internet)

The " N " marked primer indicates a NON-Toxic primer.

Ron Fuchs lists a number of different versions of the semi-jacketed frangible loadings by Federal in the Federal Cartridge Corp. section of his book on 5.56-.223 ammunition



Thanks Brian - I misread the 17 as being 75! I couldn’t find any FC 75 ammunition in Ron’s book and now I know why! I still don’t see this particular HS in his list, although I do see these rounds in there (FC 11). However, searching XM556NT1 led me to your post of these rounds, with the same HS, here on the IAA forum. Had I searched for FC 15 initially, I may have been able to find it…

Here is the military contract carton sleeve (US Navy stardardized Mk 311 Mod 2):


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