Help with Artillery Shell ID

A friend of mine found this artillery shell next to a railroad in Virginia. Can anyone help positively ID it for me? Thanks!image

Here is a photo of the markings

And the base

It might be a US Navy 3"/23 Common or Target Practice projectile from the WW1 era. Here’s one possible example:


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It would help if you measured the diameter of the base of the projectile. Then tell us what that measurement is since the photos you provided are good but there is distortion caused by the camera lens which makes it difficult to accurately interpret the measurement on the rule in relation to the projectile.

My guess is it is a Navy 6 Pdr projectile (but it could be a 3 incher as Larry shows in his post above), some examples are shown below.



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Thanks guys! Very useful information. I’ll get a precise measurement of the base and post it shortly.

Wow, I have often walked railraod tracks, and I have NEVER found anything this COOL!

Here are some more precise measurements of the shell as well as the markings on the side. Thanks for any help.