Help with bullet id


Found a bullet under a torn up side walk and would like to know caliber and age.
Says Western and it has -17 on the bottom of casing.It is 3" long and the casing has a small lip like it may be for a single shot rifle.The slug part has a flat end on it.
Any help is greatly appreciated!!


Photos or scans of the base and case profile would be very helpful. The information provided so far is inadequate to provide an accurate identification.

The “-17” sounds like part of a military date code. The US was producing quite a bit of ammunition for the Allied powers even when we were nominally neutral. With a rim, this could be for a Russian or British contract; also possibly, but less likely, for the French. All these possibilities are different cartridge types and there are others, even less likely.



First thought is that it is an 11mm Vickers/Gras cartridge. More detail and a picture will confirm.