Help with cartridge ID (first of many)

I am having trouble identifying a couple of cartridges that I recently picked up. I apologize if these are simple and I am overlooking something but I have been looking for awhile now and cant narrow it down like I have been able to with everything else so far.


I think the second one is a .45 but I don’t know any specifics about it.

Thanks for any help, and I know this wont be the last time I have similar posts.

Your Maxim headstamped cartridge is a .45 Ball M1911 round made on contract during WWI by the Maxim Corporation. They had trouble filling their contract and during 1918 the United States Cartridge Company took over the contract and filled it with ammunition bearing the U.S.C.Co. headstamp. Maxim also made 9 mm Glisenti ammunition for the Italian Government, production of which also was taken over by U.S.C.Co. although they made the cartridges with the Maxim headstamps in 1918.

For a comprehensive three-part article on the relationship between Wise, Maxim and the U.S.Cartridge Company, see last year’s IAA Journals.

Your first cartridge, if a bottle-necked pistol round, is common Remington manufacture of the .30 Mauser (7.63 x 25 mm Mauser) pistol cartridge. From the primer and headstamp letters, I would think it is post WW-II production.
This is a good example of why, when asking a wuestion, more information should be given, for example in this case by pointing out the round was a bottle-necked pistol cartridge and giving the approximate length of the cartridge, at least, in your question. Anyone not particularly familiar with the .30 Mauser round might look at this headstamp and think it is a .30 caliber rifle cartridge. It was actually a poor headstamp job by Remington in not showing any modifier for the “.30 CAL.” appellation on the headstamp, or at least that is my own opinion.

The second picture of the first cartridge (.30 Mauser) shows that it is a bottle-necked pistol round.

Thank you for the information JohnMoss. The amount of information that some people have is amazing to me. I am very new at this and have much to learn, obviously.

I have figured out how to actually post pictures instead of just the links to the pictures now so my future posts will show the picture of the cartridges much better.

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Sorry - I didn’t see the second picture of the .30 Mauser round. I looked at your first entry second, after looking at the .45, and for some reason I had trouble getting into the Photo Bucket site for that one. By the time I brought up the picture, I guess I was a little impatient and didn’t scroll down far enough. I admit I am not a computer guy, having a real hate-affair with them for many reasons.

I understand completely, I am from a younger generation and still prefer paper and pencil most of the time. I played around for a little while and now know how to post the pictures so they show up in the thread without having to leave the webpage.

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Mark, just a small hint for Photobucket; when you copy the 4th link from the top (resp. the lowest) and paste it into your text the images later will display automatically here in the forum.