Help with cartridge ID


I have the following cartridge, which has a lead slug sitting slightly below the surface of the case. It is not a round ball, looking more similar to a solid slug seen in shotshells. The case mouth is slightly rolled to retain the slug.

Dimensions are in mm, with inch dimensions in parentheses.

The only case that I could find with similar dimensions was the .32 H&R Magnum but this is clearly different, especially given the taper. I cannot accurately measure the height of the extractor groove, nor could I measure its diameter.

Does anyone know what it is and who made it?


For the МЦ-58

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If you do not read Russian, the cartridge is equipped with a factory number 38 (Yuryuzan) in 1982, and is intended for pistols МЦ-58 and revolvers ТОЗ-49.

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Mayhem, it is a wad cutter in western terms.

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Thank you both for your replies.