Help with cartridge ID

I have a cartridge I hope someone can help me with. I don’t have any pictures currently, but can post them if it helps. It is an inside primed cartridge

dimensions are as follows in inches:

OAL- 2.290
case length- 1.767
rim thickness- .070
bullet Dia- .052
base to indentions- .265

Hope this is sufficient. Thanks in advance for any help with this. Kevin

“bullet Dia- .052” is that measurement correct ?

What are its headstamps?A picture would be helpful to identify the type of bullet,load ecc


It sounds like a .50-70 Springfield with the cup primer. If it will attract a magnet at the base it’s an iron cup type made 1868 to 1870; if magnet doesn’t attract, it’s with the copper cup, produced between Aug. 1870 and Nov. 1871. Later version has the crimps closer to the base. JG

You guys are amazing. I suspected it might be the .50 70 Gov, but was not sure. It does attract a magnet, so must be the iron cup type. Thanks again for the help. Kevin