Help with Cartridge Identification .50? Early Rifle Round

Hello everyone! Can anyone shed some light on this cartridge for me? The measurements are as follows:

OAL 2.602"
CL 1.925"
RD .657"
HD .564"
ND .531"
Bullet Diameter at Neck .506"

This one doesn’t have a headstamp and the primer appears to be struck four times. Y1040C Y1040B

Is that not the .50 Sharps two inch? The primer has been struck, but not by a proper firing pin. Jack

Hi Ian,

Can you test the case with a magnet?



That is kind of what I thought but I wasn’t quite sure. I know it’s close. This one is non magnetic.

Thanks, I agree with Jack’s identification. The case of this cartridge is designated in Sharps catalogs as 2" (50.8 mm), but it’s always this shorter (taken from original boxes).



I think those are firing pin drag marks on the primer

Thanks guys. I thought it may be close to the .50 2” cartridge but the shortness of the casing kept throwing me off. Is Frank Sellers book on Sharps a good resource for cartridge identification?

I would agree they are drag marks. Four of them lol

Frank Sellers Sharps book was great in its day, but there has been a lot more learned since then. If you have it, use it, but understand that there are likely some errors. This forum is a much better source of info. If you think you have a Sellers ID, go ahead and use it and ask if anyone can add anything, or make corrections.

Roy Marcot is heading up a team working on a multi-volume set on Sharps and I think that two are already done and the third is at the printers now, with one or more additional still being worked on. Roy will undoubtedly include a lot on the ammunition.

I have those drag marks on several .50-70 GOVT cartridges. An old collector told me that they
resulted from being chambered in a Sharps system weapon.

Curtis F. Laws.

Curtis: Those marks can be produced by most falling block designs like the Sharps or the 1885 Winchester, but not by the trapdoor Springfield or Remington rollingblock designs. In arms chambered for the .50-70 cartridge the Sharps is a good bet.