Help with Date

Can anybody date this for me, I cannot find anything I recognise to date it from. There is no other markings on the packet apart from on the front.

Sorry about the watermark but fed up with pictures being reproduced without people even having the common decency to ask if it is OK.


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Should give credit where credit is do, after all they did the leg work not you. Thanks!

I have a .303 blank with a blue wooden bullet head stamped RG 68 L10Z but I don’t think that helps you. Tom

If your slow & careful you can slip the twine off one end, have a peek at the contents, then just refold & slip the twine back.

But it is possible that the blanks inside the wrapper are not headstamped. Many blanks have no headstamp or a ball/tracer or other headstamp. gravelbelly

Wrapper gives mark number in roman numeral; mark numbers became arabic at beginning of or during 1945. Jack

Thanks all,

Pete, I did actually think about just undoing the knot and looking, then doing it up again.


Mike the problem with undoing the knot is that you can’t re-tie it exactly the same. The string will have “memory” after being tied for so long, and you stand a chance of breaking it.

Going out on a limb here but it was very common for WW2 period manufactured MkV blanks not to be dated on the bundles or have a headstamp on the cartridge

I’m not sure about the date on the packets but a lot of blanks were made from seconds. I’ve got a number that were made using GII tracer cases.

Could not get it to slip off Pete just that touch too tight, so I carefully undid the knot so it was loose and then slid it off and took them out (with cotton gloves on) one at a time. They are all the same head stamp as per the one I took a picture of (below), there were a few of these loose with the load I picked up.

Thanks all for the comments and help.


Radway Green case (switched to RG in 1942) originally intended for Mk 6 incendiary, using nitrocellulose powder.

Many thanks for that info. Nice that they are all stamped.