Help with deciphering markings 76mm M352(?)


in white paint on a green body. (Inert fuze in aluminium)
It might be a training dummy, but I would like to be sure…

Images may help.

Sorry, only one I have.

As per the markings (the “E”) this is a Danish dummy round. The case length may help us as well as an image of the hs.

Hi Soren, the marking BGRPTM352 means “Brandgranatpatron M352” and is an equivalent to US designation HE M352 (case lenght c. 580 mm). This round was used by Denmark in the 76 mm M32 gun mounted in M41 Walker Bulldog tanks.

Federico, I guess this is the first time ever I have to correct you.

It is a “brisantgranatpatron” (HE round) as “brandgranatpatron” would mean “incendiary round”.

Here the life round (for tank guns):

As said the one above is a dummy in accordance with Danish markings. Not only the “E” (eksercerpatron = dummy cartridge) but also the green body with white markings is a standard marking for dummy ammunition.

Alex, my friend, thanks for the correction.

Thanks both for help. The green colour did point the way but I wanted to be sure :-)
Now it has been taken apart and it is indeed a training dummy, complete with internal strenghtening in the form of an assembly screwed into the bottom of the projectile and reaching down to the bottom. (It looks like that anyway…)
More pics to come if I succeed in bying it.