Help with Federal Catalogs

I need some help with a quick research of some fairly current Federal Ammunition catalogs. My latest catalog is the current one, for 2015. However, my next latest one is for 2012 - I am missing those for 2013 and 2014. If anyone has these two catalogs, could you please check them both to see if they list the 9 x 18 mm Makarov cartridge at all. It should be with “American Eagle” brand ammunition. My 2012 catalog shows it still in the line. However, it is not in the 2015 catalog. I need to know when it was dropped from the line (by catalog year is close enough).

Thank you for any help you can give. This is a fairly important subject to my personal research.

my 2013 shows it with a 95 gr fmj bullet but like you I have no 2014 catalog.

I know last year CCI didn’t print a catalog apparently because there was no change in the product line according to a former engineer for CCI. But Federal ???

John, it is also listed in the LE catalog of 2013 under the American Eagle brand (AE9MK). It seems that they didn’t published any catalogs during 2014.

Pete and Fede - Thanks guys, that’s about as definitive as it gets. I wasn’t aware of the lack of 2014 catalogs. I know a lot of companies are going to internet digital catalogs only, though. I haven’t been to the SHOT Show in years. I used to get most all of the ammo catalogs every single year. No more.

Your replies were a bif help, even if it seems like a small thing. It is not to me.

Thanks again.

I had not thought of the Law Enforcement catalogs. I checked the on-line 2015 LE Catalog, and that still shows the 9 x 18 mm Makarov. Wonder which catalog to believe, especially since, in the U.S. at least, the 9 mm Makarov is certainly not a “Law Enforcement” cartridge. I would be amazed if even one small department anywhere in the United States used the Makarov pistol of any make and in any form as a duty weapon.

Unfortunately, I am “gun shy” about opening Federal’s general website, as my computer opens to the search with a warning that the website has problems of some sort, and advises against opening it. I can’t get a contact phone number. Otherwise, I would call them.

I went to the Federal site and Federal LE site and the only place that it is listed is under the American Eagle brand, according to the web site they no longer print catalogs and there phone # is 1-800-379-1732

Carolyn - Thanks for the phone number. Oddly, I have a printed 2015 Federal Commercial catalog. I found the 9 x 18 in the LE on-line catalog, but could not find it either on-line or in the printed 2015 catalog. Monday, I will phone them and see if they can explain it to me. I wish Federal would archive some of their more recent catalogs like a few makers do.

Again, thanks for your help.

Carolyn et al - I used the phone number you gave me and got a very nice lady who transferred me to an equally nice and helpful Tech. He told me that the last production of the 9 x 18 mm cartridge at Federal had taken place in 2013.
He mentioned that at least for some time, they had only made one run a year of this caliber. That, to me, was an indication that it could have been also for 2014 sales. Federal produced no new catalog in 2014, according to this gentleman, so everything he told me squares with the other information gleaned from catalogs.

I didn’t quite understand his answer on why it might have been in the 2015 LE catalog, but not the commercial, more to my poor hearing than any problem with his answer. I did not feel it was an important enough point to ask him to go over it again.

Just thought I should tidy up the ending of this thread with the final results of my questions, acquired thanks to the help of you folks on responded to my initial inquiry. Thank you; muchismas gracias.