Help with Finnish/German artillery round 152 x 1116mmR


Any info on this round and the gun(s) which used it would be greatly appreciated.

I believe it is all correct components, but it may be a mismatch between the case/projectile/fuze.

Case appears unfired with base markings including 1941 [date?] diamond split into two triangles with letters O and B; 15 [smaller 2] cm; 1 5 with small SJ between; and small [inspector mark?] that looks like a circle with several points like the bastions of a fort.
Screw in primer.
Fuze is marked SSJ/60na and crown over SA, hhj, 17/, 1944 and waffenamt inspector mark.

Projectile with single rotating band and tapered base has a few numbers the only legible ones being 81/[45?] and there is a D inside a circle on the tapered side of the base.


The ZS60 n.a. is a German Naval time and percussion fuze with a maximum 60 second delay, found on several calibres of shell.

I believe the Finns used the 152mm as turreted coastal defence guns.



Correct and I doubt the fuze was used on these. The shell itself looks more like for a howitzer.