Help with forum issues


Is there any new solution on how to save and create a pdf from a long thread?

Also, how do you edit an old post? It is understandable not being able to edit a thread that is 1 year old, but why I can’t edit a thread that I have started 3 months ago?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hey @Fede, They updated the software recently and I have been meaning to mention it to you guys who have asked before. If you are on a long thread or any, just click [ctrl]+[p] on a pc or [command]+[p] on a mac and it will auto pop-up a version of the thread without all the formatting and print the whole thing.

And I think you can edit old posts? at the bottom there may be […] and then a pencil button?



Hi Aaron, thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it. I just tried Crtl+P with a very long thread (60 posts) and it worked fine.

Regarding editing old posts, I can’t edit any of my posts older than September 29, 2016. Not a big issue, I just was trying to update the Evansville .45 checklist, but the editing pencil does not show up in the options.




Aaron, Great!!! Many thanks…



You should be able to edit old posts now.


Great! Thanks again for your help.


Tnx for the tip!