Help with I.D.-10.4x30R Swiss

I have had this cartridge for several years now and I have never been able to I.D. it. So I have decided it is time to try asking the experts.
Bullet Dia.= 0.414" - 0.428"
Neck Dia. = 0.432" - 0.435"
Base Dia. = 0.439" - 0.440"
Rim Dia. = 0.498" - 0.500"
Case Length = 1.160"
O.A.L. = 1.718"
It is the cartridge on the right. It is shown with a .44 Magnum on the left for scale.
It did have a hand written note on the side "10.6x30R or possible cattle killer?"

Any help would be appreciated.

Zac, this is a Swiss 10.4x30R, but the paper patch is missing. Regards, Fede.


Thank you very much.