Help with ID of inert 6.5 (Edit: {Westley Richards .256} Mannlicher–Schönauer, Kynoch Birmingham)

Measurements in mm are:

Bullet: 6.65
Case length: 53.5
Head: 11.45
Rim: 11.45
Total length: 77.00


Is this a homemade oddity?

The measurements appear somewhat confusing…any help would be appreciated.


My best guess is 6.5mm Mann.Sch. with a 160grain? Westley Richards capped projectile. Lovely headstamp.
I would have to check case dimensions to confirm ID.(still in bed).

Kynoch Birmingham.

Very nice find!

This cartridge is mentioned in the WR 1909 and 1912 catalogs under the heading “Westley Richards’ Double Deer Stalking Rifles. .256 Bore”, where it says: “Specially constructed for the Mannlicher sporting Rifle cartridge with soft nosed and the new hollow sporting bullets of special pattern”. The 1912 edition also states that the rifle is made for “For rimmed or rimless cartridge”.

Curiously, those catalogs have sections for the Mannlicher and Mannlicher-Schönauer magazine rifles in 6.5x53R and 6.5x54, but the WR copper capped bullet load is not mentioned in any of them, only solid (FMJ) and soft point loads.




Both the 6.5mm Mann and MS were listed in 1975 Conjay Arms catalogue with the WR capped projectile.
H/S KYNOCH 6.5MM MS in medium letters is listed.
Also the headstamp shown in n/soft nose.

Many thanks to Ron3350 and Fede for the invaluable lead and background information.

I wonder if the copper capped bullet was a later reload, as there is some vertical scoring on the case?

Your help is much appreciated.


I can’t speak if that is a re-load, but I have 4 rounds with that headstamp and all have the same primer that is shown. The bullets in the rounds are 2@ soft nose with vertical slits, and 2@ solid’s (one being a board dummy)

Use a glass and see how far down the case the vertical lines go. A die normally only goes down so far & not the the start of the rim undercut.

The WR capped bullet in that case type is VERY good.

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The bullet looks very long to me, perhaps it would not work through a magazine so was restricted to loads for side-by-side double rifles. gravelbelly

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I was also curious about the OA length, so I checked out five rounds loaded with full jacketed or (one example) soft nosed bullets of 160 gr. and my vernier caliber said they ran 77.1 to 77.5 m/m. One sporting round by G Roth with a 139 gr. (I assume) pointed bullet was 75.5 or so. So this one is not overlong at all. Jack

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Here is a scan of the c. 1909 catalog I mentioned above:


Your library must be something to behold!

Many thanks Fede…most grateful.

Best regards,

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Here is the Dutch Mannlicher with the same bullet.

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Some more 6,5mm Manl.rounds to look at.The 2 with the stamp R 6,5m-m were made for the T.Eaton.Co
of Toronto after the first war for surplus military rifles of that cal.And the Kynoch round with the blue
stripes is a proof load