Help with ID please-7.9x60 Norma

Can anyone please tell me about these two calibers? The boxes are sealed and I can’t find much information about them. Bottom box appears to be revolver or pistol ammo.

Thanks in advance, John

I think the bottom box is not cartridges but just 196gr 7.9mm bullets.


Boy I missed that one. Thank you.

That first packet is likely to contain 8x60 Mauser cartridges and should contain cases with the “NORMA 8x60” hs. It is rumoured that “norma 8x60” also exists but I have not seen this hs and believe it is likely an error.

The use of “7.9mm” for commercial loading was often used in earlier times to indicate the use of the slightly smaller diameter non “S” bullets before the “S” term (eg “8x60S”) became standard practice (in Germany in 1939/1940). This is similar to the Finnish using “8.2x57” to indicate the use of “S” bullets.

Here is a 1948 ad by Ashton & Co., that was the first company to import Norma ammunition into the US after WW2.