Help with identification

The „cg“ case could be loaded as an sS or SmE by „cg“ ; Finower Industrie G.m.b.H., Finow/Mark

Could you please show the cartridges from the front, and the weight of the rounds?

The “dnf S* 6 43“ (Rheinisch-Westf.-Sprengstoff A.G., Werk Nürnberg und Stadeln, is a SmK Lsp. (Hardcore tracer).

The cg –St+ 52 44 is probably also a tracer. (red annulus)

“cg” shipped normally empty cases to Theodor Bergmann , (cdo-cdp) who made tracer rounds with these cases.


Dutch, I’m not sure of the weight.

OK, all are tracers.
Thanks for showing