Help with identifying box of ammo 1942 9mm Finnish?

I came across a odd box of ammo and could use some help with figuring out where it was produced.
It is 9mm seems Finnish but have not seen/found to much info. 32 rounds in the box.
Thanks in advance for any help with tracking down some info.


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50 round box for 9 x 17mm Short, loaded at Valtion Patruunatehdas (VPT), Lapua, Finland , June, 1942. Nice box & cartridges.

Finland purchased 5000 Czech M24 & M38 pistols in 9 x 17mm from Germany in 1940 – 1941 for Finnish Defense Forces. Finland imported ammunition at first and then a lot (700,000 cartridges) was produced at VPT in 1942. (Information from Finnish Assortment of Pistol Rounds, Military Pistol and Sub Machinegun Ammunition in Finland Prior to 1945, 2015, Pitkanen & Simpanen)


PS- Hopefully Mika Pitkanen (coauthor of the above book) will see this and can explain the " COLT " designation on the box label as discussed in the book (in Finnish).

Its interesting that the box is stamped “Colt” I wonder if the Finns bought some .380 Colt pocket pistols at some point. Also note that some of my boxes of ammo from Finland have commercial labels over the original military labels.

“Some of my Finnish Boxes had commercial labels…” Are you referrring to these .380 boxes?

The “.380” is a “Colt Cartridge” ( .380 ACP), also known as 9mm Colt or 9mm corto/ kurz/ court/scurt/etc., etc… according to country. Not necessarily a “commercial” designation, NOR an indication that Finland bought Colt Pistols…they did, however, have 9mm corto Beretta M34s ( came with the 7,35 M38 FC Carcanos in 1940-41). I have seen an M34 with SkY markings.

Doc AV

Thank you all for your help with this odd box. I am still new to these vintage cartridges
but I like to learn all I can. Does anyone have any idea about about how rare these
may be and any thoughts on value? I plan on putting these up for sale but I know
this is not correct forum category to do that in so i’m not offering them here. Thanks again for all the help received.

Shadowspawn - I sent you a response to your email to me and it came back as “undeliverable.” No idea why. I reforwarded it to you, and hope you get it this time. Six hours between sendings because I have little time on the computer each day. Hope you get it. I was interested in what you said.

“9 mm Browning cartridge, short” as known in Finland got even more misnomers than just “9 mm pistol cartridge, Colt”. It was also known as “9mm pistol cartridge, Czech”. It appears this round came into Finnish supply system so quickly during the war that nobody really took attention to proper designation… I think the word COLT seen on top of the box really came from American name of this round, .380 Automatic Colt Pistol.