Help with identifying

Thought I’d ask the experts about this box. Found in a basement. I found info on the company, but cannot find this exact box… Thanks

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Please post pictures of sides and bottom of box.
Is there anything inside?

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I can get pictures tomorrow. These were inside. Will get more detailed pics of shells


Picture of the head stamp?

Do the shells have a single small dent in the brass on the side close to the rim?
If so it was their patented method of securing the head to the body as early on the shell ejector might separate the head from body and the shooter would have to remove the body to continue shooting, Various companies even made tools to do it with.

Austin had their own brands, Crack Shot, Bang & others and they bought and loaded hulls of other makers but with their packaging, patented crimp & topwad style print.

Austin often used a number system to note the load, I’m not sure I’ve seen a list of the number & the load it represented.

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