Help with Identity

Does anybody recognise this Cartridge? yes I know where it was made, looking to find a date.

Sizes are 1.371" dia under the rim and 1.351" at the mouth.

I am not convinced that that is the right primer either.


At about 35mm it would seem to be made for military use, but in what I don’t know & I agree about the primer.
Case length in mm might be helpful to ID it?

Perhaps salute / blank shell for cannon?

Pete, you are most likely correct with the salute gun case.
I am sure the DWM nuts will tell.


Case length is 4 3/4" (4.750"), so 120.66 mm.
Rim Diameter is 1.450"

The case length certainly seems to match a 32mm (3 gauge) shotshell.
Here are some measurements:

I believe the headstamp was used by “Patronenhülsenfabrik Henry Ehrmann & Cie”, a cartridge manufacturer based in Karlsruhe from 1872 to the 1890s. What I understand is that this factory was taken over by DWM sometime in the 1890s.

Thanks Ryan,

That is older than I was expecting.